These days, first impressions really do count and as a business you always want to be perceived in a favourable light, even before your customers, partners or clients start working with you. Keeping your business premises looking their best is part of the package, especially if you regularly invite visitors into your building.

You wouldn’t present a potential customer with a messy office, so why do the same with the exterior of your building. Using an office window cleaning service gives you the peace of mind that your building is always neat and looked after.

Having a dedicated team of window cleaners that visit regularly can be a great help. Professional window cleaners are highly skilled and have been well trained in health and safety procedures, so you know your building is in safe hands. Cleaning can be provided both inside and outside, with as little disruption to your workers as possible


When you are in retail, your products are the most important part of your business, whether they are the very latest in high fashion, books and stationary or goods for the home. And making your products easily visible to your customers makes up a large part of your job. In retail, window displays are one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and draw them in. So when you have spent so much time on your display, why ruin it with dirty windows?

Simply put, a dedicated window cleaning service could mean the difference between your products getting noticed and your customers walking on by. The way your store looks and how you present your products says a lot about the goods inside. Having a window cleaning service will guarantee your shop windows receive a regular cleaning and ultimately look great, whatever size or complexity of your store.


The Hogan Groups cleaning division have an enviable reputation for providing window cleaning services to a wide variety of schools and colleges. We understand that providing a clean, safe environment helps children to learn, but also ever growing budget constraints make choosing the right window cleaning firm an unwanted headache. We believe that we offer a service of unbeatable quality at a price that makes financial sense to a limited budget.

One free phone call to our team and we can provide a no obligation quote that we are sure will pleasantly surprise even the most sceptical of consumers. You will benefit from a team that is local to your area and they will be fully insured and Health & Safety compliant.

We also cover nursing homes and hotels.